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of vancouver. we don't allow that. so, all murals have to go through a permit system. so, any building that wants to put something up, they have to get like a permit from the city. and if the city finds something that they don't like and it doesn't have a permit, they'll take it down and charge them on their taxes. so, that's i think a very key component to any ordinance that would be enacted in the city that you want to control the image making. this is not the art historian. this is like a civic administrator or urban planner. you want to control the image making that's going on in your city because it's about your city, right? so, it's a very important part of the program. >> interesting. anybody else? >> i totally agree with that. [speaker not understood] for years actually. >> the mic, have you stand up and you go next and we'll have you go. >> i totally agree with that. a lot of cities are very successful in california with having a mural ordinance or we have house of color for various parts of our city. my city unfortunately chose not to enact that. so, with the fact there are n
to -- a little bit to [speaker not understood] speaking about the vancouver program. and i do have some experience with that. ways also a coordinator of murals. and one of the benefits of having a process, whether that's a permit, whether there's a fee attached to that, whether there's a committee or if it simply goes through a process where different departments of the city can have input. for example, in vancouver and really the vancouver graffiti management mural program is almost identical to what tyra is talking about doing here. it's similar to public art murals, but similar in scope. when we were doing our murals, almost 200 of them, there was no permit in place, but there was a selection process. and, so, if that was the heritage property, that had to go to heritage. and they had to decide whether or not that building had been painted and if a mural would go there. if so, did it work with the heritage esthetics, et cetera, et cetera. it also goes to the community group or the business group in that area. it goes through the graffiti department primarily because we do engage pas
areas, including vancouver. tefrpz are not too bad in vancouver at 7 degrees on thursday. meanwhile, about five degrees colder than average in winnipeg at minus 13 degrees and 3 for toronto and down toward the south, very hot in miami at 27 degrees. all right. finally, in europe a thick cloud mass is drifting over the british isles. underneath it heavy rain, heavy snow, and extremely strong winds. winds over 70 kilometers per hour have been reported with much higher gusts. but the good news is that the peak of severe weather is over. so conditions will gradually ease through your thursday. but a mixture of rain and snow will be moving into the western continent. meanwhile, severe weather is still erupting across the southeast. we are seeing heavy rain, hail, thunderstorms, and extremely strong winds. this while we're slowly moving toward the east, reaching western turkey. snow is also a big concern. western hungary, you could be seeing as much as 20 centimeters of snow. hoorz your highs on thursday. and i will leave you now with your extended forecast. ps ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >>> that's
injury in vancouver and still won the gold medal. >> you can be done being injured now. you've had plenty. >> are you an olympic fan? >> we want her there. >> winter or summer? >> i love both. i think it's -- the way it brings the whole planet, everybody, every country together and it just bonds us in a way that is very high spirited and always rejuvenating. >> what would it take to get you up in a tube with the jimmy choos on? >> give me a pair of pants. >> we'll start with the pants. >> it may be nice to go to sochi and then send postcards. >> hey! >> so people are using the mail. >> there you go. he brings it all right back. jenna, it's great to have you here. >> thanks for having me. >> new episode of "1600 penn" tomorrow night, 9:30, 8:30 central here on nbc. thank you, jenna. >>> we want to send it inside now to tamron for a look at the rest of today's stories. >>> good morning, everyone. powerful magnitude 8.0 earthquake overnight released a deadly tsunami. at least five people were killed when the tsunami struck a remote part of the solomon islands. >>> president obama is nominati
. in fact, that's your high. towards the northwest, 11 in seattle. 7 in vancouver. not too bad here. getting up to 14 in denver. we have the low 20s in los angeles as well as houston, miami and mexico city. on into europe, now there is going to be a pretty powerful storm system affecting western and central portions for the next several days. here is the big low sitting towards the north of the british aisles. you can see how windy the system is going to be. it's going to be bringing snow. we get that wind buffeting around the snow. and it will be definitely impacting travel, seespecially you're caught in the cross winds. i expect flights to be delayed if not canceled. already that's pushing through central europe. we see as the system descends, it pushes through the british ais isles. all right, here are your temperatures for your tuesday. already seeing temperatures fall towards the west by 5 degrees in london between monday and tuesday down to 4 degrees here. meanwhile, 5 in berlin. towards the east, minus 3 for you in moscow. still not too bad here in the mid teens for athens. here's you
. over the pacific northwest 50 centimeters of snow will be piling up. vancouver at 7. chicago minus 1. apparently things are very cold. the wind chill values around central canada could be as much as 50 degrees. down toward the south it's very warm. moving over to the european continent we have the atlantic system across the uk. also about 20 centimeters of snow is likely. the gusts are going to be very strong there as well. towards the south looking fine and south. 17 degrees and 13 degrees we take a look at paris. 7 degrees from 12 today. here is the extended forecast. >>> that's all for this edition ofnewsline i'm catherine kobayashi in tokyo. thanks for very much joining us. .
in time for the winter games in sochi, russia. she took gold and bronze in vancouver and is a four-time world cup champion. the most successful american skier in history. >> action. >> reporter: a favorite with sponsors, tabloids love her, too. her unconfirmed romance with tiger woods and her revelation that she's battled depression. >> hi, dad! >> reporter: but since she was 3 years old she's been happiest on the slopes. telling brian williams in 2010 that this is what she was born to do. >> i've given my entire life for the sport. >> reporter: there have been other heart-stopping falls. she came back from a terrible crash in torino two days later. but this time won't be easy. >> lindsey vonn is so tough, works so hard. if anyone can come back from this in time for the olympics, it's lindsey vonn. >> reporter: the heart of a champion with a track record of beating the odds. chris jansing, nbc news, new york. >>> and still ahead as we continue tonight, millions of americans stuck in traffic at this very moment, in fact, losing their patience along with a ton of time and money. wher
from vancouver having a skype conversation with his cousins in england. and as our last lesson, we want to help each other. i want to reinforce this. a part of the reluctance is this fear that people are going to say no. the recent community vitality report says that three-quarters of us extend to a family, friends, and neighbors. this man's name is charles, 86 years old. he has an early stage of dementia. he starts the network, he invites the sisters. why in sydney and one in singapore. he also invites the neighbors. they refer to it as the neighbor lady. she says, thank goodness that you ask. i have been worried about charles. and creating that meaningful exchange. let me share a new idea or a new term that i am using thinking about this idea of staying connected and having a good life. this is an idea that i am calling -- this is a little picture of dale, somebody that has a f and hisuture -- that has done his future-proofing. this is what has happened to him when he went into the hospital. his daughter of everyone with one message. there was emergency contact, care preferences hall
is moving into the west coast of the british columbia. vancouver will see heavy rain showers. temperatures will be quite seasonal at 7 degrees on thursday. very chilly minus 13 in winnipeg. that's about 5 degrees cooler than where it should be this time of year. 4 degrees in chicago and very hot down toward the south. 27 i miami. plenty of sunshine for you in los angeles at 24 degrees. finally in europe a massive cloud mass is moving across the british isles. winds of over 70 kilometers have been reported in some locations. the good news is that the severe weather is tapering off. conditions will improve on your thursday. some of the precipitation will move into the western continent. severe weather is still with you affecting the southeast. you can see the system slowly make its way toward the east. l italy is getting drier. western turkey will see stormy conditions on thursday. temperatures are as follows, very warm for this time of year. london at 10 degrees. that's about 7 degrees warmer than what we saw yesterday. meanwhile staying in the double digits across the mediterranean countri
a wooden wheel and a cargo of gold. on its way to portland and vancouver it hit a rock in crescent city and went down. only 19 of the 244 on board survived. in 1993 a mini sub located the wreckage and after a legal battle over ownership, the operators were able to auction off the gold coins they had recovered. >>> still to come tonight on a second look, the hostage crisis in iraq, as it unfolded and the movie it inspired. >>> plus what it was like to go after osama bin laden as in the movie zero dark 40. m, it says here that cheerios helps lower cholesterol as part of a heart healthy diet. that's true. ...but you still have to go to the gym. ♪ the one and only, cheerios ♪ the one and only, cheerios >>> tonight on a second look we're looking at the real life events that inspired some of this year's oscar nominated movies. one of those is argo which tells the story of a secret operation to rescue six americans from iran. the crisis began on november 4, 1979 when iranian students overran the u.s. embassy. they would take 52 americans hostage and hold them for 444 days. the students act
in vancouver, canada, was caught on video tripping two players during a post-game handshake. the coach has been sentenced to 15 days in jail for assault. >>> at an lpga golf tournament in thailand, a 17-year-old hit a hole in one in her first professional tornado. the tee shot by ariya jutanugarn landed softly on the green, slowly in the cup. she didn't realize what happened. quite a start to her career. >> announcer: "early today" sports is brought to you by touch of gray. get rid of some gray, never all. >>> just ahead, audrey hepburn returns to a tv near you. >>> and an australian billionaire wants to build a "titanic 2" a state of the art ship. based on the original next. >>> welcome back. let me take you through our end of february forecast. as we go throughout the next two days look at a quiet weather day today. clouds on the increase. most of your day should be dry. temperatures not bad for this time of year, 50s in the northwest getting into the 60s in northern california, southern cal few spots having a chance of getting into up the 70s low 80s. thursday continue with the nice weather
to vancouver out of fear that he would retaliate and possibly search the internet for updates. >> he's the type of guy that could come back. it's always on the back of my mind that he could hurt my family. >> ronald, the father said it enraged jeremy souring on the justice system. he calls the killing unforgivable. he added my heart goes out to the families of those officers, but i'm grieving too. we loved him. >> governor brown issued this statement. it is with deep sadness that anne and i honor the bravery of sergeant baker and officer butler who were killed while protecting the people of santa cruz. our deepest condolences go out as we mourn these tragic deaths. as we mentioned at the top of the newscast, in honor of the slain officers, capital flags will be flown at half-staff. go to learn more about the fallen officers. butch baker and elizabeth butler including how you can help their families. click on the story in the middle of the home page. >>> another twist in the high profile case of the hummer mom. livermore police arrested three minors for making a threat in the criminal case. she
in winnipeg. minus 3 in toronto. with 2 in new york city. minus 1 in chicago. not bad in vancouver at 7. 9 degrees in seattle. getting up to 15 in denver. and then we're in the mid-20s in houston as well as mexico city and also in miami. heading to europe, we've been talking about that large system dominating much of the continent. we're still looking at the same system. you can see very well rotating here in the clouds. let's pull that cloud away, see what's underneath. those gusts have intensified. wind gusts reaching up to about 120 kilometers an hour. the bulk of this precipitation is going to be snow. along the front you'll even find thunderstorms, so thunder in with that snow. as the system descends across the british isles and down toward the southeast here, it will be bringing that snow to italy as well as the balkans peninsula. you'll see return to cooler temperatures and snow as well. you put two and two together already, the snow plus sthoes strong gusts means visibility will really be impaired. dangerous travel. i would definitely expect to see some delays if not cancellations
exploded immediately after taking off in the suburbs of vancouver, canada. to people died and 11 others were injured. and in 1995 strong winds forced a hot air balloon into the sea off the coast of new zealand. three of the nine people on board died. >>> italian election officials say no clear front-runner has emerged in national elections. the center-left coalition is projected to win a majority in the lower house of parliaments but results in the upper house were less certain. the country could be headed for political gridlock, raising concerns about the next leader's ability to tackle a number of economic problems. political analysts said the election amounted to a referendum on austerity measures imposed by the current government. officials have counted almost all of the ballots for the lower house. under election laws the political group with the most votes is given enough seats to claim a majority in that chamber. government officials say the center-left coalition captured 29.5% of the vote. in the lower house. its leader, pier luigi bersani, supports the austerity measures. forme
is the most successful mirn skier in history. gold and bronze in vancouver, four-time world champion. she's been injured in every championship event, olympics and world championship since 2007. a win or nothing competitor. as she told matt in 2010. >> never had so much crashes and injury in one season and it was brutal. i kept fighting through it. >> reporter: her personal life is a battle too. a divorce, and she suffers from depression. but while she will not compete again this year and now on the sidelines with sochi one year away, her determination is legendary. >> if anyone can come back, it's lindsay vonn. >> reporter: her competitive somewhere it landing her out of this competition, down but not for too long his chip white. >> it was a very, very aggressive crash. the injury outcome, it's an injury that's not unusual in ski racing. she was back in the hotel in a couple of hours after the accident and in good spirits starting to plot out her rehab and next step. i'm confident we'll see lindsay vonn in sochi next year. >> reporter: so she will need surgery, that's likely to be carried
. [applause] we are endorsed by many municipalities in canada. most recently, the city of vancouver's mayor assigned and made a proclamation that december 13th, 2012, was saved the fraser declaration date for the city of vancouver. this was very brave because my government, the canadian government, has been calling me an environmental extremist, a radical, and an enemy of canada. all i want and my people want is to protect this land, the water, and all that is sacred. [applause] this water we're talking about has no color. this water we're talking about is not just water for my own people. it is water for my neighbor ranchers, my neighbor farmers that live next door to me. it is a human issue and that impact everyone. we are all connected. [applause] the alliance has brought our communities together in canada because we have had oil spills. if you have had on oil spills in this country. oil will spill. it's just a matter of when. it spilled in kalamazoo, which i hear cannot be cleaned up. they spilled in alberta, in the territories of the cree, in the northwest territories and the brothers
long. >> reporter: the woman inside the tank, 21-year-old alicia lamb. the tourist from vancouver, canada, arrived in los angeles on january 26th. surveillance video shows her acting oddly inside the hotel elevator, as if she's hiding from someone. but katie orphan he has lamb didn't seem odd at all when they met. >> she was very joinioutgoing, lively, for vendly. >> reporter: orphan is the owner of a bookstore around the corner called the last bookstore, one of the last places lamb was seen by anyone, as she bought presents for her parents and sister. >> talking about what books she was getting and whether or not what she was getting would be too heavy to travel around as she traveled or took home with her. >> reporter: that was january 31st. the young woman planned to see more of california, say police. her parents flew down to los angeles to plead for the city to help find their daughter. outside the family's restaurant near vancouver, a memorial for a young life lost too soon in an unforgettable manner. >> it kind of feels like the beginning of a noir novel. like this is the b
violations at the school during those 12 months. dean hamer: if you compare seattle to vancouver, those are two very similar cities, equal amounts of rain, close to one another physically, socioeconomically quite similar. the amount of violent crime in those two cities is virtually identical. but if you look at the number of murders, it's ten times higher in seattle than it is in vancouver. what's the difference? the difference, very simply, is that in the united states, you can easily purchase guns. in canada, you cannot. we've lost two children to guns in this practice. both teenagers-- one was caught in a gun exchange over drug money. another was shot because she was dating someone's boyfriend at twelve. - drugs. - drugs. - alcohol. - alcohol. they very much increase the impulsive amounts of violent behavior as they are intended to be dis-inhibitors of ourselves. and so alcohol and drugs, cocaine in particular, is very provocative to violence. a lot of guys-- they are really fighting over the drugs now. they want to sell drugs because it's good way to make money. i think certainly dr
vancouver washington, un incendio de 3 alarmas destruyo una escuela primaria ayer por la maÑana. --los bomberos de portland oregon, tambien ayudaron a contener las llamas contra las que lucharon por varias horas --las clases fueron suspendidas hoy y se investiga las causas del siniestro, no hubo heridos. video 3 --en moscu, rusia...conozc a el primer hotel que en lugar de cuartos cuenta con capsulas para dormir. --si usted es aventurero y no es claustrofobic o, puede rentar una de estas caja-habitacion por menos de 100 la noche. --cada una de ellas cuenta con una pequeÑa cama, una lampara, pequeÑo closet pero no tiene baÑo, ese lo tiene que compartir con otros huespedes al final del pasillo. cesar ---recuerde que continuamoab
in vancouver, washington. i made contacts with the sites none responded to my request for more information. this law went into affect january 1 so i'll let you know fit makes a difference. >> it's important to know. there is nowhere to go. >> you think it's local. you're not. >> thanks good stuff. >> weekend arrived looks like rain cleared out. >> things are looking good, dan mainly cloud free sky now. chilly overnight. cold in spots. tomorrow, we'll be looking at sunny skies maybe aware of the los angeles county air, it's snowing and a storm yesterday brought us showers. and we'll have sunny skies here again, tomorrow, it will get milder, high temperatures into upper 50s to around 60 in a few locations. and pebble peach continues tomorrow will be sunny, temperatures into 40s and into afternoon, climbing into 50s. mild weather next week, highs climbing up to mid-60s. >> perfect weather for at and t pro am. >> this is true. >> yes. >>ct( some don't get lucky. >> yes. >> talking about that. >> yes. >> they'll take rain free. >> yes. money in the bank. round two in pebble beach z meet the ne
back to this address in vancouver, washington. >>> i made multiple contacts at the sites mentioned in my report. none responded to my request for information. law just went into effect on january 1st. i'll keep track of it and let you know if it makes a difference. i'm michael finney, 7 on your side. >>> new this morning san francisco mayor ed lee plans to kickoff the chinese new year's celebration at a ceremony at 1:00 at the hilton hotel. year of the snake will be welcomed in at 4:00 with a celebration at westfield san francisco center. in beijing the year of the snake was welcomed with an ancient heaven worshiping ceremony and lion dance. most will mark the beginning of the new lunar calendar tonight when the dragon makes room for the snake. we have some breaking news we want to tell you about quickly here. there's been a very large earthquake in columbia. a 7.0 magnitude. but it was a deep earthquake in western columbia and so far no reports of damage. we will keep an eye on that and let you know if there are any updates or trouble there. meanwhile not so troublesome here weath
in vancouver, washington. >> i made multiple contacts and none responded to my request for information. lawsuit went into affect on january 1. >> new this morning, san francisco mayor plans to kick off the city's chinese new year's celebration with a ceremony at 1:00 at hilton hotel on kearny street. the year of the snake will be welcomed at 4:00 in the afternoon with a lion dance and martial arts demonstration by the wu-shu team. in beijing, the year of the snake was welcomed with a ceremony and lion dance. more asian countries will mark the beginnings of the new cycle tonight when the dragon makes room for the snake. i was born in the year. dragon, i'm moving on to the next big thing. >> weather pattern is not moving out. same old, same old but the rain moved out on thursday. here is a look from the east bay camera, vollmer peak, about 1900 feet in contra costa county. sun setting at 5:43, we are looking at still a very quiet pattern around the bay area. this morning you may notice the cold temperatures in east bay and south bay. 8-9 degrees colder than it was yesterday. we are clear of any p
and added the two together. portland, vancouver and seattle but in all three places 15% safer in the inner city than you were in the wealthy suburbs because of the combination of those two. and then finally, who talks about asthma? 14 americans die every day from as the. that doesn't sound like a huge amount of its three times rate of the '90s. it's entirely due to automotive exhaust. 90%. pollution isn't what it used to be, the sickest place in america are those places which are the most car dependent, and in phoenix you've got four months out of the year that healthy people are not supposed to leave their houses because the amount of driving going on. so again, what's the solution? finally the most interesting discussion maybe is the environmental discussion, which has turned 180° in the last 10 years. if you look at, even within the global warming discussion, talk about carbon footprint and the falcon project, red is bad, green is good, you look at the united states and looks like a nightmare, bu click a satellite night sky of the of the united states. hottest around the cities, colin
francisco but they made it in vancouver. why have an alcatraz that is not really out the trash? -- it is not really alcatraz? we still have one of the have ot beautiful places. i am also investing in china sf, by the way. i want some of those companies from across the world to come and fell san francisco, the real san francisco, and make movies for people in china and japan and all over the world -- come to film san francisco. we have some interesting enticements' going on about how we can get them over here. and being the first chinese mayor, i'd better get some chinese filmmaker to come here. [laughter] otherwise, i miserably failed, because i would love san francisco to be shown at 2 1 billion people in china, to show them about our history. because there is a connection there. they need to learn that. there will be a lot. everything from documentary's do -- i think this is exciting. i am letting you know a little bit of my excitement when it comes to films, that i am very interested to make sure we have an enliven film industry here in our city. >> 20 years ago i read an es
? storm track up towards seattle vancouver british columbia nowhere close to us. nor is that going to be changing anytime soon. the high is off to the west as we'll still get cool northerly flow. temperatures in the low 60s. i know, such problems we have around here. as high pressure gets closer to us we'll see temperatures increase by the end of the week and some of you by friday will be up near 70 degrees for highs. so what to expect? we are not as cold at night temperatures a couple of degrees milder each night. sunshine through the weekend. it's only monday but we're very sure of that. and temperatures on friday will be close to 70 degrees. tomorrow concord 62,san jose 63. palo alto 62. union city 61. low 60s for pleasanton, san jose. berkeley 61. san leandro 61 degrees. extended forecast look at all that sunshine. thursday and fright approaching 70 degrees. couple of degrees cooler over the weekend with an onshore flow. right now, zero rainfall again for the next 7 days. and that is your kpix 5 forecast. scott pelley is in new york. "
to the task. the hawks trailed at one-nothing after one period way out there in vancouver. the two coaches wrapped up their final practices. how did things go at the last practice? the way our players are played, to me that is why we are here now because of any coaching decisions or any way that we were when we were kids. really a credit to those men and we're looking forward to that game. football is becoming too dangerous at all levels according to president barack obama. we want to make sure that people understand what we are doing to make it safer not just in the nfl but throughout the courts and the changes we are making in the n.f.l. i think are changing all of sports. always a welcome sign of spring. being loaded for spring training in arizona. the first cactus league game is the 23rd. phil mickelson still on top. good for a fourth shot lead and finally coming to soldier field the festivities for the event beginning tonight on the lakefront on the coldest night of the year but the fans came out to enjoy the arena. when hockey comes back, it really comes back. we are happy that you
. the hawks practiced today in preparation for the vancouver canucks. they beat the hawks two-one in a shootout earlier this month, but the hawks have yet to lose in regulation. ray emery will be starting again in place of corey crawford who is recovering from an upper body injury. the hawks will also be without defenseman brent seabrook. puck drops at the united center at 7:30. >> has prickle nonethelessit is pretty cool nonetheless. >> we have always had intense games with these guys. the rivalry is as good as any other nhl rivalry out there. we know last time and they're building the pace of the game was very intense. they have a quick team. i expect a very dangerous opponent tonight. that is a look at ♪ ♪ constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips'. on the medical watch a new sars-like virus that's killed five people so far could potentially be treated with drugs that boost
, traced to vancouver where someone identifying themselves as dorner called the father of the woman who was murdered, monica quan in a way that's narcissistic and grandiose like dorner taunting him saying you didn't protect your daughter so well, did you? we don't know whether this is dorner or not, but it suggests multiple possibility where he might be. now, to get to your question, if we looked at the manifesto that he wrote, it had two important elements, on the one hand, the grandiose enraged narcissistic and we know that this was a guy who has had episodes of explosive rage just like a narcissist, in high school, he was kicked out of high school for fighting on the football team, kicked off the football team for fighting. and when we watched more of that video that you just showed, that is a man who is enjoying his violence with grandiosity so this is clearly someone who is a narcissist and filled with anger. he was originally somewhat suicidal, we can see it in the note, but, each day that he is able to evade his captors, each day that he feels as if he's pulling one over and we c
the gold in vancouver. should we expect more in sochi? >> absolutely. she's been dominating since her gold in vancouver. she won 11 out of 13 world cups. she's just getting better and better and better. she's the one to beat in sochi, fast, very smooth. great off the air jumps and will be tough to beat willie, for sure. >> you call her the michael phelps of free style. >> getting a taste of the podium. won two world cups this season and then she's very powerful on the jumps. you can see how strong she is as a skier through the big, long middle section of mogul courses. in mogul it's required to do two aerial tricks. she's very powerful when it comes to air. >> we'll keep an eye on the wilson brothers on the men's side. fooks like a lot of fun. good morning. i am sarah caldwell. let's get a check of the morning commute with kim dacey. >> couple of problem spots. 222, emergency road work blocking the right lane. in essex, a crash from 702. old court and chapel road, crashed to watch for there. 468 remains shut down in both directions. ongoing cleanup there to delays on the west side of the b
, first responders battling it for five hours but they couldn't save the small school. this is vancouver right on the border with portland, oregon. the school district saying the children must be transferred to another building before they can hit the books again. north carolina. a cargo train derails south of raleigh. forcing hundreds of people to leave their homes. hazmat teams saying one of the ten overturned train cars was filled with amoney i can't. none of it leaked and people eventually were allowed to return. virginia. meet holly. possibly one of the world's laziest cats. >> she doesn't like the outdoors. she won't run around. she won't play with cat toys. 13 years old because of lack of exercise, i guess, she weighs a whopping 20 pounds. so her owner nearly out of options tried swimming to get her back in shape. >> she has lost about a pound the past six months. so that's good. but she has still got a bit to go. >> holly doesn't seem to mind the water, although she doesn't look too thrilled either. it's working. her veteran says a dip into the pool is great source of exercise fo
games in vancouver. do we know how bad her knee is, trace? reporter: bad. she tore two ligaments in her knee and now we learn she also broke her continua, which is her shin bone. the supergiant slalom is a speed race and she was likely going at least 70 miles-per-hour when she lost her balance. you can see her right leg just buckle beneath her as she hit the ground. the doctor says the knee i alone is a significant injury. >> typically anybody with a major acl tear who has surgery, you're talking about minimum of 12 months of physiotherapy. but has a lot to do with how bad was the tear, how difficult it was to repair, and then how the will of the individual. reporter: you mentioned the olympics. they begin exactly one year from now. the doctor saying a year, year and a half. so it's possible defending her gold medal in the downhill would could be a big challenge. >> shepard: it's my understanding a lot of people didn't think they race ought to go. >> it didn't go for three hours, they delayed the race because of fog on the course for three hours. city skiers say the course want in bad s
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